Haute & Heady

Cannabis Cuisine

Vermont's ethically and sustainably focused edible brand

About Us

Haute & Heady is the culmination of a lifetime spent obsessing over food and cannabis, an innovative playground where those two substances can harmoniously meld with each other in new and unexpected ways.

Our dedication to high end, local sourcing and commitment to innovation are sure to provide you with an edible experience that is as delicious as it is unforgettable!

Advocacy and Support

In order to ensure that our product line, and the local cannabis industry in general, can be as robust as possible, we must endeavor to come together and advocate for reform in the statehouse.

With your help we can address the THC caps and edible dosage limits that are currently stifling innovation and limiting the variety and quality of value added cannabis products on the market.

Please stay tuned to our emails and Instagram in order to stay up to date on how you can support these reform efforts. Thank you!